Steps for Sticking to Your Resolutions:


  1. Know your current habits
    Identifying and bringing awareness to your current patterns and tendencies is the first step in making a change. Once you have an idea of where your problem lies, you can take the necessary steps to overcome obstacles and make healthy changes for the New Year. 
  2. Write down your goals and formulate a plan
    A written goal represents a real commitment. Keep a copy of your goal plan in sight and refer to it often. This will provoke you to take action. Breaking it down into smaller steps and outlining a plan allows you to be more specific and can also make it more manageable.
  3. Share your goals with friends & family
    Sharing your goals with family, friends and peers can be a powerful motivational tool. It’s
    always good to have a support system in place to provide positive reinforcement and cheer you on through those difficult obstacles. Sharing your resolutions with others also gives you someone to be accountable to, which is proven to boost adherence. It can be easy to let yourself off the hook, but it’s much harder to let others down.
  4. Recruit a buddy
    Sometimes motivating yourself can be tough and even the most dedicated people have
    slip-ups. That’s why recruiting a buddy is one of the smartest moves you can make, and may be the difference in whether or not you succeed in achieving your goals. Having someone in your corner will help you push through tough times and support you along the way. Enlist a friend to join your workout plans or get your family on board with the dietary changes you plan on making this year!
  5. Track your progress
    In order to stay motivated, you have to feel like you’re getting somewhere. Keeping a log of your efforts and tracking your progress can provide the motivation you need to keep going. This will allow you to see how far you have come and celebrate the small steps you have already achieved in accomplishing your ultimate goal!
  6. Celebrate your success- no matter how big or small 
    Working towards a goal is just that- work. Use the milestones you have achieved from tracking your progress and throw yourself a celebration! Plan a fun night out or reward yourself with a relaxing massage- whatever makes you feel recognized and proud of all the hard work you’ve been doing. Then, decide what your next celebration will look like and work towards the next milestone with that in mind. Every step you take counts!

Practice these steps and before you know it your resolution will be habit. 

Keep your eye on the prize, you can do it!